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A Systems Thinking methodology based on 
Enterprise Architecture ISO Standards

Reinforce the sustainability of knowledge and know-how of the Enterprise

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The principle is to describe with a powerful semantic the most relevant information of the Enterprise and to associate them with the right relations, incorporating the behavior of systems and Enterprise 

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Strategic: Defines the vision, drivers, objectives, capabilities, challenges opportunities outcomes, strategic phases of transformation of the Enterprise

Operational: defines the operational performers, their interactions, the operational activities the process, the information  

Resources: defines the organizations, systems, software, artifacts, raw materials, technologies necessary to support the strategy and the operational model of the Enterprise. Describes their interactions, their functions and their behavior

Personnel: defines the posts, responsibilities, competences necessary for the human dimension of the Enterprise

Enterprise Virtual Twin, the step beyond digitalization and "IT Enterprise Architecture" 

Virtualization is well beyond digitalization. It incorporates the behavior of the systems and of the system of systems, which is the Enterprise. 

Some Companies have already define their “IT Enterprise Architecture”, which is a good asset that we can incorporate in our approach. But that is not enough to support all the dimensions of a sustainability strategy definition. 
Our proposal is to go to the next step and incorporate all kinds of systems and flows. The strategic capabilities of an Enterprise, like for example, deliver products on-time, is the result of an efficient way of operating implemented with systems of different kinds.
Incorporating scientific and business rules in the model, enables to simulate the behavior of the systems and even of the Enterprise. In addition, a strategic benefit is the sustainability of the knowledge and know-how of the Enterprise. Which is particularly crucial with the projection of retirements in Europe for the coming years.

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