Les Smart Cities sont le parfait exemple de « Systèmes de Systèmes » très complexes

Fort de son expertise reconnue à l’échelle mondiale, l’INTERNATIONAL CONCIL ON SYSTEMS ENGINEERING » (INCOSE), a créé un groupe de travail dédié à ce sujet. Cette approche présente un intérêt particulier, car contrairement aux projets traditionnels qui se concentrent principalement sur les aspects technologiques, l’INCOSE place l’humain au cœur de ses travaux.


The INCOSE Smart Cities Initiative will draw upon the experience and knowledge of INCOSE members to support communities in developing their Smart Cities Concepts, Applications, Technology and Services (CATS) by leveraging systems engineering tools and principles.

Smart Cities CATS are being planned and developed across the world to apply information and communication technology (ICT) within traditional urban networks and services; making them more flexible, efficient, and sustainable. The efficiency of operations such as transportation, energy, water supply, building infrastructure management, and waste management are improved within the community for the benefit of its inhabitants, making smart cities greener, safer, faster and friendlier. Benefits include real-time resource allocation, improved resource use, reduced waste, and enhanced public safety.

Since the Smart City concept comprises Smart Infrastructure, Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Technology, the Systems Engineering knowledge, experience, and skillset of INCOSE members is strategically positioned to support our global communities as they embark on supporting the multi-faceted Smart Cities CATS.

Simplified Framework of SmartCity