Early Version of the Mango Green Power Enterprise Model

The view below is the “Index” that allows access to the views or diagrams. It is organized based on the viewpoints or domains of the UAF.

We start with the “Strategy” and finish by identifying the necessary “Projects” for the implementation of this architecture, including change management. In the center, you will find the description of the architecture, encompassing functional (Services), logical (Operational), and physical (Personnel & Resources) views. The human aspect (Personnel) holds a central place in this architecture.

This example also aims to demonstrate that this architecture encompasses all the resources of a company. The “Information System” is one of the systems, certainly important, but it is not the only one. There are also “Factories”, “Distribution Centers”, and other systems that contribute to exhibit the “Capabilities‘ in line with the company’s objectives.

The aspects of “Security” and “Standards” are also essential viewpoints that we address systematically alongside the other domains.

This example will be progressively developed to become a Template and a demonstration tool.

Videos will be produced and broadcast.