PIVETEAUBOIS, a Business Model and corporate culture to contemplate

A magnificent video about PIVETEAUBOIS, a company I had the pleasure of discovering and analyzing through my Enterprise Architecture approach. Jean PIVETEAU, its CEO, is a captivating individual, both pragmatic and explaining that what is strategic for his company is DATA and technology. He has heavily invested in advanced ERP solutions, a scanner, and AI […]

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Early Version of the Mango Green Power Enterprise Model

The view below is the “Index” that allows access to the views or diagrams. It is organized based on the viewpoints or domains of the UAF. We start with the “Strategy” and finish by identifying the necessary “Projects” for the implementation of this architecture, including change management. In the center, you will find the description […]

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Our vision and convictions are exemplified in this continuous improvement loop

Over the years, we have witnessed an undeniable acceleration in the digital transformation of companies. This evolution brings undeniable advantages in numerous areas. Particularly, the intelligent use of generated data constitutes a competitive advantage. Moreover, companies increasingly have dashboards that enable them to react swiftly in managing their activities. Regarding product innovation, many companies are […]

Smart cities

Smart Cities are the perfect example of highly complex “Systems of Systems”

Based on its globally recognized expertise, the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (INCOSE) has established a dedicated working group for this subject. This approach holds particular interest because, unlike traditional projects that primarily focus on technological aspects, INCOSE places humans at the heart of its work. Mission: The INCOSE Smart Cities Initiative will draw upon […]

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Understand the “Systems Thinking”

An increasing number of disciplines are now embracing the scientific paradigm of “synthesis,” which is different and complementary to the more traditional paradigm of “analysis.” In general, Systems Thinking, particularly Systems Engineering, is based on this paradigm. It is also the approach adopted by PYLIA for its Enterprise Architecture or Systems of Systems missions, leveraging […]